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Our pipe work includes a rich variety of material and services, such as:

  • Pipework installation
  • On site or workshop pipework, repairs, alterations and new projects
  • Modifications on existing plant/factory pipework and on existing projects
  • Supply of pre-fabricated pipe systems based on the client's drawings
  • Maintenance of pipe systems

We can provide installation of pipe and pipe assemblies with just about any metal and materials your project requires, from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC, HDPE, Copper, Tungum and other specialty metals and material. Our staff are pipe fitters, certified welders, foreman and pipe helpers.

Carbon Piping System

Carbon seamless steel pipe are used to transport fluid, such as the transportation of oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials such as pipes. And also can be used for various services such as onshore, offshore, shallow water and deep water. The use of carbon seamless steel pipe manufacturing ring parts can improve material utilization, simplify the manufacturing process, save materials and processing time, such as rolling bearing rings, jackets, etc., has been widely used to manufacture steel pipe.

Stainless Steel Piping System

Stainless steel pipe is used for structural and piping applications that require the properties that stainless steel delivers - high strength, toughness and excellent corrosion resistance.

Copper Piping Systems

Copper is the ideal material for plumbing, heating, gas and fire sprinkler pipework. Copper tube is used in many products and services: drinking water, home heating (traditional and radiant), gas, medical gases, solar energy systems, fire sprinklers, air conditioning systems. It meets the requirements of safety in an unmatched, wide range of temperatures and pressures. Copper tube's second largest application is in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems; its fastest-growing use in is fire sprinkler systems and fuel gas distribution systems in residential and office buildings. Copper is used for plumbing tube principally because of its corrosion resistance, machinability and high level of heat transfer. Because of its exceptional formability, copper can be formed as desired at the job site.

High-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) system

High-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) can carry potable water, wastewater, slurries, chemicals, hazardous wastes, and compressed gases. Polyethylene is strong, extremely tough and very durable. Whether you're looking for long service, trouble-free installation, flexibility, resistance to chemicals or a myriad of other features, high-density polyethylene pipe will meet all your requirements.

HDPE pipe:

  • Can be joined by thermal fusion to form a joint that is as strong as the pipe itself and is leak free.
  • Is much easier to handle and install than heavier, rigid metallic or concrete pipe, allowing for cost advantages in the construction process. It is structurally better able to withstand an impact than other pipe materials, especially in cold weather installations when other pipes like PVC are prone to cracks and breaks.
  • Maintains optimum flow rates. Does not tuberculate, has a high resistance to scale or biological build-up.
  • Flexibility and leak free joints allow for unique and cost effective methods of installation of HDPE pipe

PVC piping

PVC is the most well-known of the modern thermoplastic piping systems. It's light-weight and corrosion resistance, together with a quick and simple installation, have made it the material of choice in applications the world over.

PVC piping features:

  • durability and strength combined with chemical, weather, and corrosion resistance and biological inertness, leading to effective performance and long service life in the field
  • material flexibility and lighter weight, enabling greater design flexibility, ease of installation, and lower installation time and cost
  • ease of color coding and marking to identify safe acceptable uses and applications
  • Cost-effectiveness in terms of manufacturing, transportation, and ease of installation.

PVS-U Systems

Ensuring highest possible thermal stability and chemical resistance PVC-U systems stand up to the most demanding conditions. The universal solution covers all aspects of safety, efficiency and reliability required to build, maintain and operate industrial piping systems. Main Applications at Water Treatment, Marine, Chemical Process Industry, Power Plants.

It is odorless and tasteless, and is suitable for conveying potable water and many food or dairy products. It is lightweight and easy to install, using cold solvent welded joints which require no special tools.

Tungum tubing and Stainless Steel Piping system

Tungum tube can be found around the world contributing to the success and longevity of applications in a wide cross section of industries including - Marine, Offshore, Transportation and Pharmaceutical, etc.

Tungum tubing features and benefits:

  • Highly resistant to seawater and its atmosphere
  • High strength-to-weight ratio - Approximately 30% stronger than 70-30 Cu-Ni
  • High resistance to fatigue and shock
  • Excellent ductility
  • Non-magnetic and non-sparking
  • Easy to bend, resulting in vastly reduced installation time and cost in comparison to stainless steel
  • Installed with the same tools and clamps used for 316 tubing installations
  • Wide range of imperial and metric sizes available.

Stainless Steel system benefits high corrosion resistance and is an ideal solution for installing drinking water systems; stainless steel used is completely hygienic and highly corrosion resistant. It is a reliable and high quality component and is also suitable for heating, cooling, compressed air and fire extinguishing systems in the civil, industrial and marine sectors.

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